Let’s go to Goa

“Let’s go to Goa” we said, “it will be fun” we said. By this point in the trip we knew we were going to go back to Delhi to attend an Indian wedding on the 18th of March. We made the last minute decision to fit in Goa before our return to Delhi for a bit of relaxation and rejuvenation by the beach. Don’t get me wrong the beach was incredible but our arrival in to Goa was probably the craziest we’ve experienced so far!

We flew from Mumbai to Goa and arrived at the airport at about 4:10 pm. We grabbed our bags and got out of the airport to find that all the taxi drivers were on strike. This was the mode of transport we’d been planning on taking. The people at the prepaid taxi counter were completely useless and couldn’t give us any information on how we could get to our destination of Agonda beach. Luckily there was a lovely man at the tourist desk who said it was his duty to help us, he gave us a map and detailed instructions about which buses to catch and which stations to get off at. 2 hot and steamy bus ride later and we arrived at our stop in darkness.  From here we’d been instructed to catch a tuk tuk to our accommodation so we found the closest one and jumped in. Little did we know we had just boarded the tuk tuk from hell! Tuk tuks don’t have great lights, when this guy was speeding around hairpins bends with almost no visibility I became quite alarmed, we rounded one corner and BAM we hit a water buffalo that was crossing the road. Luckily the Buffalo seemed OK and he just continued on his way. But the tuk tuk did seem to have taken a bit of a beating and now the lights that were poor before were even worse now! We weren’t far from the hotel by this point so I just shut my eyes and hoped for the best. Luckily we made it without any further mishaps. What should have been a 1 hour taxi ride turned into a 3 and a half hour mission!

Other than our crazy arrival there wasn’t an awful lot more that happened in Goa.  We spent our days strolling the beach, sun baking, eating (the best cheese naan I’ve found in India so far), drinking (happy hour!) and just plain old relaxing, exactly how it should be. So this post is going to be more of a photo diary than anything else, don’t be jealous 😛

Found these cuties sheltering for the shade, exactly what I should have been doing considering i got so sunburnt on the first day that it blistered!
Grandad dropping the kids at school
St Anne’s church
Beaches and boats
The sunsets were phenomenal
Dried coconuts anyone?
Those happy hour views…
I want to take home every dog I meet! This cute little guy joined us one morning for our beach walk.
I love this photo! These adorable little kids were so excited to be at the beach.
Palolem beach
We made a visit to the neighbouring Palolem beach to take in the scene, it was nice but we decided we like Agonda better!
Swimming all day everyday!
Dhudhsagar falls
We did leave the beach one day to visit the impressive 310m Dhudhsagar falls
So many beautiful sunsets
Our adorable accomodation
sunset swims
Sunset swims
beah cow
BEACH COW!!! There was a whole herd of these guys soaking up the sun on Agonda beach

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