Beautiful Maldives

Everybody knows about the Maldives, it’s a luxury destination made up of over 1000 islands in the Indian Ocean and it’s not exactly within a backpackers budget. Ryan and I figured after 6 weeks of roughing it through India,  we’d earnt ourselves a little bit of luxury. We booked 3 nights at Meeru island resort and spa, there is so much accomodation to chose from its almost impossible to make a decision. I spent hours on the Internet trying to figure out where to stay and in the end Meeru won out. Nothing in the Maldives is affordable for your average income but this was our best choice. The room per night ended up costing us about 26 times what we were spending on accomodation in India but hey its the Maldives and like I said we’d decided we’d earnt it!

We arrived at Male international airport and headed over to our hotels booth to get directions on getting ourselves to the hotel. We had a boat transfer but unfortunately it wasn’t for another 2 hours, there’s not a lot to do in Male airport so we were pretty disappointed about this especially when all we could think about was the precious time we were burning that we could be spending on our tropical island! Eventually we got ourselves on the boat and we were on our way to Meeru island. We made it to the island just in time to drop our bags, go for a quick dip in the ocean from our balcony and enjoy our first Maldivian sunset.

Male harbour
Male harbour

private staircase
Our own private staircase into the bluest water I have ever seen!!

Palm tree sunset
Palm tree sunset

perfect sunset
I swear this photo wasn’t a set up, the sunsets really are this perfect!
Day 2 in the Maldives was spent snorkeling,  enjoying our all inclusive food and drink package, exploring the island and snorkeling some more and then we headed out on a sunset cruise in the evening. Little did we know that this sunset cruise including Dolphin watching! So many dolphins!  And they were putting on a show for us, jumping and playing in the waves of the boat, the sunset was pretty special too!

Cocktails with a view

Picture perfect
Picture perfect

Sunset cruising
Sunset cruising

Playful dolphins
Day 3 in the Maldives was action packed! First of all we went snorkeling from our balcony (surprise, surprise). Then we got ourselves ready and headed off for a snorkeling excursion to the islands house reef. Just a short boat ride away was a beautiful well preserved reef full of colourful fish. Then we headed back to the island for some kayaking in the afternoon, safe to say all this water fun takes it out of you!

overwater bungalow
Our overwater bungalow

deep blue
Perfect snorkel condition

Fish friends
Fish friends

I’ll kayak in water this blue all day everyday
Day 4 in the Maldives and sadly our last day in paradise. Luckily our boat back to the airport didn’t leave until 4:30 pm so essentially we had the whole day to enjoy ourselves before we had to leave. Our agenda consisted of snorkeling,  eating, snorkeling some more and then a quick couple of drinks before we left, like they say, time flies when you’re having fun! The best thing about today was that I came across a shark in my snorkeling adventure and I managed to take a fish selfie! Trust me when I say this is not an easy thing to do and it’s something I’d been trying to do for quite a while!

So so so so beautiful

The boardwalk to our bungalow… It may look picture perfect but this bad boy fried my toes when I tried to walk back bare foot after a snorkel

reef shark
SHARK!!! Don’t worry it’s just a reef shark, this cruisy fella didn’t even look twice at me chasing him with my gopro

fish selfie
Task: take a selfie with a fish… Mission accomplished!

bar view
The view from our favourite bar
Even sadder than having to leave the maldives was the fact that this is where Ryans travels with me were coming to an end. He was on a flight home to Toronto and I was on a flight to Sri Lanka. It’s probably going to be nearly 5 months until I see him again, I’ve got another 3 months through Asia,  a quick trip back to Aus in late July and then onto more adventures in South America until I eventually work my way up to Canada to reunite with him again, so like I said it was a sad goodbye!

My flight in the Maldives was delayed for over an hour and although the loud speaker was difficult to understand I’m pretty sure it said the plane had encountered some major technical problems. Never something you want to hear right before you board a flight but eventually I made it into the air, Sri Lankan bound for new adventures!

Top tip:

  • Make sure you bring all toiletries,  sunscreen,  mosquito repellent etc. with you, I’m speaking from experience when I say you DO NOT want to be paying $24 USD for a bottle of sunscreen!!!

AND check out my youtube video, it’s going to have you jumping on the next available flight to the Maldives!


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