Watkins Glen: A hidden gem between Niagara and NYC

If you’re like me and embarking on an epic road trip from Niagara Falls to New York City I would definitely recommend splitting up the 7 hour journey with an overnight stay in the town of Watkins Glen. The three hour journey through beautiful farmland, rolling hills and adorable towns is a much more desirable choice than an endless journey on one of America’s mega highways, which is what you would be faced with if you were to drive straight to New York City. Just make sure you don’t take a nap when you’re supposed to be navigating and miss the turn off to Watkins Glen… oops!

The best thing about the tiny town of Watkins Glen and the main reason I would suggest visiting is the incredible state park that lies smack bang in the middle of it.Watkins Glen State Park is a 2 mile stretch of woodlands surrounding a gorge carved by an enchanting stream that flows it’s way through 19 waterfalls. You can wander winding trails, cross quaint bridges and explore behind waterfalls. It’s a dreamlike ladscape that has to be seen to be believed!



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