Washington DC

From New York City we drove to Washington DC via Philadelphia. We only stopped briefly in Philly to check out the Liberty Bell. I’ll be honest I didn’t know much about the history of the Liberty Bell when we decided to visit but I knew it was important and I also knew it featured in the awesome movie “National Treasure” (2004). So we arrived in Philly and found ourselves a parking spot in one of the many parking garages located throughout the city. We had a choice between expensive per hour and very expensive per hour so we reluctantly paid up and set off for the Liberty Bell. The bell is an iconic symbol of American independence and is located in the Independence National Historical Park. It was a little smaller than I had imagined but it was incredible to see and learn more about it’s history.


Philly Cheese Steak
Not my sort of thing… But while in Philly you have to try a Philly Cheese Steak, well Ryan had to… He said it was good!

Onwards to Washington DC where we had high hopes of spotting Mr Obama himself, we’d heard he was in town. We didn’t have much luck with this mission, the 3 metre high fences set at least 500m out from the white house and the constant security meant our chances of peeping into the Presidents window were pretty slim.

White House
No sign of Mr President but thats one of his gardeners you can see to the right of the photo… I’ll take it!

Washington DC very quickly became one of my favourite cities to visit, the best thing about it? The entry to all of the museums and attractions is FREE!!!!! Being a traveller on a budget free is pretty much my favourtie word and I instantly wished we had more time than just an overnight stay to take advantage of this. With our limited time we set off from our hotel in a timely manner and headed straight for the National Air and Space Museum. I had fun reliving one of my many childhood dreams of being an astronaut! I concluded pretty quickly that I probably wouldn’t have made it as an astronaut!

Air and Space Museum

From here we headed down the National Mall to the Washington Monument, the Reflective Pool and the Lincoln Memorial. All are just as impressive as they are in the movies! Then we headed off to grab a bite to eat before we returned to see it all lit up at night. We swung by the White House on our way back to the hotel but it was a bit dark by this point to have any chance of spotting Obama.

The Capitol Building as seen from the National Mall
The Washington Monument… Usually you can go up to the top of it… FOR FREE!!! But it was closed for maintenance on the day we visited 😦
The Reflecting Pool and some cute ducks!
The Lincoln Memorial

We were up early the next morning and waiting for the National Museum of Natural History to open its doors. We were determined to squeeze in one last free museum visit before we had to head off for our long drive back to Ryans place. This is the location for the second “Night at the Museum” movie so I was just as excited to explore this one as I was the one in New York.



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