Hiking Mt Revelstoke National Park, British Columbia

Mt Revelstoke National Park, located in British Columbia, Canada is a relatively small national park in comparison to others parks Canada but don’t let its small size fool you, it’s full of some of the best scenery I’ve seen in my life. There are a number of trails ranging from easy to difficult, with the option of multi day hikes available.

Eva, Miller and Jade Lakes trail (our route approx 18.3 km + 500m elevation gain – moderate to difficult)

We set off from our log cabin in temperatures that were a little low for my liking and we headed for the Balsam Lake parking lot just below the summit of Mt Revelstoke. From here we started out hike to the summit and then joined the Eva, Miller and Jade lakes trail. Originally we had hoped to visit all 3 lakes but this is a very difficult task better undertaken over 2 days. In the end we visited Miller lake first, followed by Eva lake and finally we made it to the top of Jade’s pass overlooking upper Jade Lake before we made the decision to turn back. The hike down to Jade lakes was steep and if you go down you have to come back up and we thought we would start to lose light if we tried this. And when the sun starts to set the bears come out and I really didn’t fancy coming face to face with a grizzly!

Grizzly Bear
Thankfully we didn’t spot any on the trails but we did spot this guys on our drive back into town! The one and only bear I spotted during my 2 months in Canada!

The hike was incredible, one of my favourites from the whole road trip! The lakes were breathtaking, the trails beautiful and we even managed to spot a couple of Marmots and a whole bunch of vocal ground squirrels. If you’ve ever encountered a ground squirrel you’ll know what I mean when I say vocal!

On the trail: En route to Miller Lake
MIller Lake
Magic at Miller Lake
Eva Lake
Our first view of Eva Lake was almost too good to be true! This is why hiking is one of my favourite activites EVER!!
Eva Lake
Ryan taking it all in at the incredible Eva Lake… check out those reflections!!
Log Cabin, Eva Lake
When I retire I want to live in the woods in a log cabin like this!
When I was scrambling up some rocks to find “that perfect photo spot” I found myself face to face with a marmot! I think he was just a surprised to see me as I was him!
Jade's pass
Lunch views from Jade’s Pass
On the trail: returning from Jade's Pass
On the trail: returning from Jade’s Pass
Miller lake
Over looking Miller Lake on the way down from Jade’s Pass

We made it back to the car just as the sun was starting to set… lucky we didn’t try and make it to Jade lakes or we might have found ourselves trying to survive a cold night out in the Canadian Wilderness!

Stay tuned for my next post: Hiking Glacier National Park


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